Keeping Recruitment Real in the Technology Age

December 8, 2017 | Working together: Companies, Iowa schools mutually benefit from partnerships Beth Nigut, Senior Vice President-Human Resources, EMC Insurance Companies,

No matter your industry, it’s easy to get caught up in using the latest tech trends to stay visible and connect with potential new hires. So when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent, my team follows one simple rule: Keep it real. We consistently push our recruitment efforts beyond trendy online tools to demonstrate the value we find in establishing real connections.


Beyond traditional career fairs, there are many ways to meet potential candidates face-to-face. Establishing relationships with colleges and universities, like we have at EMC Insurance Companies, is one place to start. We recently partnered with Iowa State University on a case competition allowing student teams to present innovative solutions to a real-world problem. The winners had a chance to interview for internships in our Strategic Analytics Department.

Competitions like this allow candidates to showcase their talent, presenting skills and ability to work in a group setting. Plus, it helps recruit promising young professionals for internships and full-time positions. As the generational shift in the workforce continues, getting young professionals through the door becomes more and more important.


At EMC, we’ve found that a compelling rewards package is one that moves beyond the basics. Comprehensive medical, vision and dental insurance are standard to today’s professionals. What makes EMC stand out as a potential employer are less-common perks such as a pension plan, volunteer time off, flexible work arrangements and an on-site wellness center. Team members should feel supported in the workplace, so they’re motivated to do their best work.

When team members have a positive affinity for their employers, they become one of the most valuable recruiting resources. Word of mouth works wonders to spark interest in your organization. Incentives for bringing in new talent also help. EMC’s recognition program, Casting Call, gives current team members an opportunity to refer talented individuals for employment and rewards them if those individuals are hired.


For many professionals, feeling stagnant in a role can be enough to consider a change of employer. Millennials in particular note development as an important part of a job. Investing in your team members’ professional development with training and education demonstrates an interest in growing their skills, as well as their value.

EMC team members have a number of opportunities to expand their expertise. LearningCentral, our online training and education system, makes it easy for team members to complete courses, watch instructional videos, register for classes and track their learning history.

High-caliber, talented team members are crucial to positioning your organization for the future. While there is no single solution to recruiting and retaining team members, it helps to cut through the tech trend noise and focus on what’s real. Offer real advantages to joining your organization, and the right candidates will follow.