Leadership Iowa nominations due May 1

April 8, 2016 | Business Gurus: To whom do Iowa leaders turn for advice? Iowa Association of Business and Industry, eschettler@iowaabi.org

The deadline to submit leadership Iowa (LI) nominations is approaching quickly! Nominations for the 2016-17 class are due May 1.

Leadership Iowa was established in 1982 with one simple goal: to instill a passion in the state’s current and emerging leaders while fostering a high level of civic engagement.

Leadership Iowa offers participants a wide range of experiences and insights that focus on the issues and challenges facing our state and our communities today. The program equips leaders to better appreciate and understand the condition of the entire state.

Participants walk away with an expanded network of trusted professionals, a greater understanding of issues challenging the public and private sectors and inspiration for increased civic engagement.

Do you know someone who is a perfect fit for leadership Iowa? Nominate him or her today at www.leadershipiowa.com.

What alumni are saying:

“If not for Leadership Iowa, I would not have known about all the issues impacting our state and how I can make a positive impact by educating myself and others. I am more aware of how I can get involved and help our state, communities and citizens. I feel empowered and hopeful and am proud to have had the opportunity to get involved!” – Nichol Toomire, Alliant Energy Corp., Ottumwa

If not for Leadership Iowa, I would not have the insight into the way Iowa really works. I am inspired to use my new knowledge and statewide contacts as a springboard to help Iowa move boldly forward into the future.” – Joe Lock, Affordable Housing Network, Cedar Rapids