“No Ego” Business Book Helps You Understand, Deal with Ego-prone Employees

April 13, 2018 | Staying on top of trends: Iowa leaders read, listen to sharpen skills Steve Cassabaum, DPT, President, 21st Century Rehab, P.C., steve@21stcenturyrehab.com

“No Ego: How Leaders Can Cut the Cost of Workplace Drama, End Entitlement and Drive Big Results” by Cy Wakeman is right on for understanding and dealing with employees who have problems with their ego getting in the way of success, themselves and your other employees.

Think about the time and effort it takes to deal personally with those employees if you’re the one in charge of that task. This easy read gives you easy-to-implement steps to make a positive difference in your workplace by dealing with egomaniacs or those who simply don’t understand their negative impact on peers and workplace productivity.

Here’s a list of my and Cy’s favorite No Ego Core Beliefs:

  • Venting is the ego’s way of avoiding self-reflection.

  • Accountability is death to the ego.

  • Your circumstances are not the reason you can’t succeed; they are the reality in which you must succeed.

  • Professionals give others the benefit of the doubt – they assume noble intent.

  • Engagement without accountability creates entitlement.

  • Our suffering doesn’t come from our reality; it comes from the stories we make up about our reality.

  • When asked for my absolute best advice ever, I reply, “Stop believing everything you think."

Cy's appendix contains the Reality-Based Leadership Ego Bypass Toolkit, which really helps to make her strategies easy to implement into your business. This will be the next book we share with our directors and HR manager.