On caucus night, stick around after the presidential vote

January 8, 2016 | Iowa Caucuses: Top issues facing businesses Iowa Association of Business and Industry, eschettler@iowaabi.org

Selecting a presidential candidate is the most highly anticipated activity on caucus night, but there are other important party activities voters should take part in.

Those who leave after a candidate is selected miss out on the opportunity to help establish their party’s platform, which is a representation of issues important to the party.

Caucus participants can bring their own resolutions for consideration. Below are three resolutions on issues important to the business community.

Bring these resolutions with you on caucus night and help advocate for issues important to Iowa businesses and employees.

  1. We believe a growing and prepared talent pipeline is needed to support business growth and expand Iowa’s economy. We support continued investment in existing programs and public-private partnerships, such as Elevate Advanced Manufacturing, that educate and expose young Iowans to multiple career opportunities.
  2. We support a simple, fair and more competitive tax code and regulatory system that fosters rather than inhibits innovation.
  3. We believe that as the health care law is put in place, it should remain flexible for employees and employers and focus on providing affordable, quality care.