Reflecting on 2023 and Anticipating Iowa’s Business Landscape in 2024

December 4, 2023 | Workforce Boosts, Tort, Regulatory, Tax Reforms Top 2023 Accomplishments Chad Reece, ABI Vice Chair, Winnebago Industries,

As the calendar year comes to a close, it is both traditional and a beneficial practice to take an opportunity to review the plusses and minuses of the past with an eye on planning for future opportunities and success. This month’s edition of ABI’s Business Monthly focuses on a review of 2023 and looks ahead at the top business issues facing Iowa in 2024. Though it’s tough to be completely spot-on in foreseeing all the challenges, opportunities, and impacts ahead, a more profound understanding of the potential landscape sets us up for success. Plus, having the backing and advocacy of valued partners is a definite advantage.

ABI’s mission statement read: To foster a favorable business, economic, governmental, and social climate within the State of Iowa so that our citizens have the opportunity to enjoy the highest possible quality of life.

To this end, ABI works diligently to advance a positive business environment and economic opportunity for all parts of our state. If you are reading these words and your company is not yet an ABI member you could be missing out on opportunities and information that can provide positive benefits to you organization. Please feel free to reach out to myself, Mike Ralston, or Nicole Crain to learn more about how membership can tangibly benefit you and how we can continue to help build a better Iowa. You can reach us via email here:

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Engagement is key in having your voice heard. With the start of the new year, the Iowa General Assembly will come in session, and now is a good time of the year to get your elected officials in to your plant or office. Show them what you do and explain the impact of their decisions on your business.

Be sure to add the 2024 Legislative Briefing and Reception, happening on January 10 in Des Moines, to your calendar. This annual meeting is one of ABI’s most popular events. Because of your participation, it draws more Iowa legislators (of both parties) than any similar event hosted by other organizations. Your local legislators will enjoy this opportunity to visit with you and fellow Iowa business leaders in a relaxed and informal setting.

As always, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg, all 150 legislators, and state officials and agency directors have been invited to join you at the reception. Find more information here:

Speaking of events, remember to mark your calendars for the 2024 Taking Care of Business Conference. You do not want to miss it. I look forward to seeing you in Davenport June 4-6 of next year.