Successful Succession in Public Policy

August 12, 2022 | Successful Succession: Considering the ESOP JD Davis, Vice President of Public Policy, ABI,

It can take an extraordinary amount of time and significant efforts to enact a legislative priority for any organization. It takes collaboration with fellow lobbyists and the meeting and educating of policymakers from across the state. Leadership in the House, Senate and Governor’s Office must also be on board with what is being proposed in order to unlock a pathway for the passage and signage of a piece of legislation. ABI’s public policy team is working to ensure we have a successful succession from the 2022 legislative session into the 2023 legislative session by putting in the necessary effort it takes right now to ultimately win on key issues come January.

Following the June primary, we’ve already had the chance to meet with more than 20 candidates who hope to be in the Legislature following the November Election. Over the course of the summer and fall, we’ll be meeting with several more potential members of the 90th General Assembly as we explain our priorities and build and strengthen relationships with candidates. It’s critical that we do this because in order to pass legislation, policymakers have to be able to trust who they’re working with. It’s also very important for ABI members to have relationships with their legislators. You can engage your legislator a number of different ways whether that’s by giving them a tour of your facility, having coffee or lunch with them or investing in their campaigns. ABI encourages our members to do such things. 

ABI’s position on public policies help guide our conversations with candidates, which is why it’s critical that members become engaged in our public policy process. Throughout the month of August, our five committees are meeting to begin establishing positions within the scope of Environment, Tax, Employment and Workforce, Workplace and Product Safety and Economic Growth.

Following those meetings, our Legislative Committee meets to formulate priorities out of the recommended policies. The ABI Board of Directors then votes on and approves what our priorities and policies will ultimately be for 2023.

Elections matter. Whether or not a pro-growth legislature and governor are elected this fall depends upon you; the voter. ABI couldn’t have been as successful as we’ve been on the public policy front over the last few years without working majorities of pro-business policymakers being in control and our members engaging policymakers. In order for our success to continue, we’re asking that you become involved in the public policy process whether that’s by attending a policy meeting, building a relationship with those running for the House and Senate in your district, investing in ABI’s political action committee IIPAC or by casting your ballot for pro-jobs candidates up and down the ticket in November.