The Technical Side of Succession Planning

March 13, 2020 | An Iowa success story Denny Fisher, Chief Client Experience Officer, ACS,

The low unemployment rate in Iowa creates a greater need for succession planning as the likelihood increases that critical positions will transfer ownership when employees and leaders move to other organizations. Often overlooked in succession planning are the technical areas of the organization such as Chief Information Officers, Cybersecurity professionals, Business Intelligence, and others. If one or more of these positions transitions, it can disrupt the flow of business.

In addition to the transition of technical expertise within your organization, lifting leaders in other areas who understand the value of technology and its ability to create competitive advantages is key to the longevity of the business.

Tips for Technology-focused Succession Planning

Identify key technical roles within the organization:

  • Cross-train technical staff on critical infrastructure.
  • Employ third-party technical experts who can ease times of transition due to their intimate knowledge of the organization’s systems and business operations.

Determine areas where technology can aid in a smooth transition:

  • Capture and leverage data for business decisions to create well-defined guidelines and processes.
  • Implement platforms that enhance critical roles and provide efficiencies or automation.
  • Utilize knowledge bases to enhance information access throughout the transition process.

Identify future leaders who understand the value of technology:

  • Look for individuals who innovate within their roles and departments with the use of technology.
  • Identify individuals who are technically savvy and can visualize how current and future technologies will help create competitive advantages.
  • Identify leaders who view technology as an investment rather than an expenditure.

Technology is embedded into every fiber of business and will continue to grow in importance. Understanding how technology brings value to your organization is key to creating an active and healthy succession plan.