When Impossible, Becomes Possible

October 9, 2020 | Fostering an engaged electorate in the workplace Denny Fisher, Chief Client Experience Officer, ACS, dfisher@acsltd.org

It’s nearly cliché to say now, but 2020 has been the year where the impossible becomes possible. Entire nations shut down, stock markets hit new lows, “hurricanes” devastate the Midwest, impossible became possible. On the flip side, innovations abound, toolboxes transform into lifesaving ventilators, drones deliver packages and “To-Go Cocktails” become permanent. As a leader, it’s time to make the impossible, possible, and technology can help make it happen.

Companies that are not just surviving but thriving through this climate had either previously invested in progressive technologies that help their organizations work more efficiently, innovatively or better engage with the customer. Or they’ve made strategic moves during the last seven months to leverage technology to innovate.

These leaders have listened to the challenges their consumers and employees face, they’ve viewed change as an opportunity and they’ve stayed flexible in a potentially paralyzing atmosphere.

How can you leverage technology to strengthen your organization during this time?

  • Create more engaging customer experiences – Use custom applications to streamline communication, add transparency and incentivize wanted behaviors.
  • Employ data and analytics – Uncover untapped or underserved segments of your client base or upsell related products and services based on buyer behavior. Increase visibility and reduce overhead costs by streamlining operations.
  • Integrate or enhance back-end systems to provide a faster, more secure experience for both employees and customers. 

If necessity is the mother of invention, technology can be the key to unleashing its potential. Now is the time to take ownership of 2020 and make the impossible—possible.