99 Counties and Leaders in Each One

January 8, 2021 | Dollars and cents McKenzie Kielman, Marketing & Engagement Coordinator, ABI Foundation, mkielman@iowaabi.org

“Leadership is...” is a fill in the blank question we often ask. Everyone has a different answer, and everyone is correct. It’s one of my favorite practices of the ABI Foundation.

There are two ways you can answer, too: Nominate Iowans (consider friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and others) for our programs. Or donate to the ABI Foundation to help us reach more leaders.

Remember, there are no wrong answers— and with each one, you can make a difference in the life of another.

We ask for your involvement so that we can reach all of Iowa’s 99 counties this year!

It’s our mission to reach all Iowans and all communities in each corner of our state with the outstanding programming and opportunities offered by the ABI Foundation.

You can recognize leaders while being recognized as a leader! Each action you take will be counted as involvement from your city and county.


  • Nominate high school students for our business-ready program, Business Horizons!
  • Nominate college students for our opportunities-awareness program, Leadership Iowa University!
  • Nominate community leaders for our issues-awareness program, Leadership Iowa!
  • Donate to the ABI Foundation's statewide leadership programs!

To take action and see your community’s involvement, visit www.iowaabi.org/abi-foundation/get-involved/.