ABI’s Strength is in Its Members

June 1, 2018 | Iowa businesses carve out global opportunities, look at the future David Zrostlik, ABI Chair, Stellar Industries, Garner,

Each year, ABI surveys member-company CEOs. These folks, some of Iowa’s best business leaders, are terrific resources about the condition of their business and about Iowa’s economy in general. Their insights are always interesting, and they make the survey edition one of the most popular Business Record Iowa editions of the year.

Also of note, this edition of Business Record Iowa is published in conjunction with ABI’s 2018 Taking Care of Business Conference. The event will bring hundreds of business leaders to Iowa City-Coralville for ABI’s 115th annual meeting. I hope to see you there!

This column is my last as chair of the ABI Board of Directors. The year has passed more quickly than I imagined, and serving as chair of this great organization has been both an honor and privilege.

As chair, I have been thankful for the strong leadership provided by the ABI Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. Their leadership and support has led to a record-breaking year for ABI, with terrific achievements in a number of program and finance areas. And the job as chair is made much easier with the talented staff at the ABI offices. Without their experienced assistance throughout my year as chair, the progress we made as an organization would have been much more difficult to attain.

It is often said ABI’s strength is in its members. Companies throughout Iowa make our organization strong, and it is their support that leads to ABI’s success. It is the people of ABI that make our work to build a better Iowa a reality.

Very best wishes to you, your family, and your company and its employees in the coming years. THANK YOU for your support of ABI.