Custom Software Development: You Can Build About Any Feature. But Should You?

June 1, 2018 | Iowa businesses carve out global opportunities, look at the future Kelly Kimmich, Business Strategist, Far Reach,

Q: I have a problem or opportunity in my business that I think requires the development of proprietary software. How do I know if what I want is even possible?

A: The short answer: Assume it’s possible. When it comes to custom software, just about anything you dream up can be developed.

The real question, however, is should it be developed.

The most unique, amazing system or functionality isn’t worth building if it doesn’t bring value to you or your customers. When you’re analyzing a new idea, focus on:

  • The value it would bring if it were built.

  • The cost of not building it.

Another obvious factor to consider is the required investment. While just about any feature can be built, costs vary greatly based on what needs to be developed. By first and foremost understanding the value the software will bring, you’ll be able to more easily evaluate the level of investment that makes sense.

If the value of building out your idea matches or exceeds the costs, great! You can, and probably should, build it. But if the cost far exceeds the likely value, you can build it, but maybe you shouldn’t.

So instead of focusing on whether software can be built, focus on whether it should be built.