Five reasons men should go to the doctor

June 9, 2017 | A Culture of Corporate Giving Dr. Danney Drewry, D.O., The Iowa Clinic,

Q. Between meetings and my other responsibilities at the office, it's hard to find time to step away. I feel healthy. Is it really necessary for me to get a regular checkup from my doctor?

A. Our schedules fill up fast and it can be easy to put off going to see your health care provider, especially if you feel fine. Men in particular are likely ot overlook health screenings. In fact, surveys show that approximately 50 percent of women get preventative screenings, while only roughly 25 percent of men participate. There are no embarrassing question when it comes to your health. Here are five top reasons men should go to the doctor. 

  1. Prostate, Colon Health, ED
    Let's face it. There are some health topics the women in your life cannot be experts on. It's important to establish a relationship with a primary care provider so you have a resource you're able to talk with about men's health. 

  2. Annual Physical
    A yearly physical exam is extremely important ot your overall health. Everyone should see their provider at least annually for a complete physical - look at this as a full-service oil change and tuneup for your body. At age 50, men should also have a screening colonoscopy and be tested for prostate cancer. 

  3. Depression Depression is real and something many people struggle with. Too often people (especially men) ignore depression symptoms, and their health and quality of life suffer. Your primary care provider can help you cope.
  4. Aches, Pains, Arthritis Your primary care provider can help with every day aches and pains, as well as more serious problems such as arthritis. If you're a weekend warrior who wants to stay in the game, your physician can help you not miss a beat.
  5. Heart Health Real men have big hearts, and it's important yours is in good health. Reduce simple carbs (pasta, rice, enriched breads, potatoes and sweeteners). Men with higher intakes of simple carbs are more likely to have cholesterol issues. 

You only have one life; take the time to take care of yours today.