Iowans and Employers: Involved in Their Communities, State

May 11, 2018 | A sense of community: What makes Iowa a great place for manufacturers? David Zrostlik, ABI Chair, Stellar Industries, Garner,

This edition of Business Record Iowa is all about how Iowa stacks up. What makes our state a great place to live, work and grow a business? One key factor is the many ways in which Iowans and their employers are heavily involved in our state and in our communities. Taken collectively, ABI members and their employees pay more taxes, buy more goods and services, and donate more time and money to Iowa causes than any other single entity in the state.

In our case, I am proud of the employees of Stellar Industries and all they do for our host communities of Garner, Kanawha and Mason City. It is that way with ABI members all over Iowa. They are involved in their community and their state. And that is as it should be.

Inside this edition of Business Record Iowa, you will find much more about why Iowa is such a terrific place to do business. If we have left something out, be sure and let us know. Your feedback is important to us.

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