Join us in Dubuque!

March 10, 2022 | Taking Care of Business Conference in 'Key City' in 2022 Jack Hasken, Jackson Mfg., Inc.,

As the saying goes, time flies while you’re having fun, and it is an appropriate time to call your attention to ABI's upcoming annual conference.

Over the past several years, ABI has greatly dramatically changed its annual convention. Nowknown as Iowa's Taking Care of Business Conference, the annual convention remains the premier a conference meeting. It marks the yearly progress of ABI and to celebrate the many achievements that have been made. The numerous attendees experience nationally-known speakers, see terrific Iowa venues, and receive information to address issues and assist them to lead their companies to greater growth and prosperity. 

But most importantly, ABI members tell us what they value most about the conference is the opportunity to connect with fellow Iowa business leaders and to do business with each other. That is a real testament to the power of our organization, taking the time to attend, learning with peers, enjoying yourself, and to the value of this annual meeting.

There is no better investment in your business than attending the Taking Care of Business Conference. Hundreds of people from all across Iowa have already committed to attend this year's 119th annual meeting, to be held in Dubuque June 14-16. Please consider this your personal invitation to join us. My wife and business partner, Sarah Hasken, and I look forward to hosting you in our hometown of Dubuque.

In the meantime, I know you will enjoy this month's edition of Business Record Iowa, as the Dubuque area is the focus of this month’s magazine. Local community leaders are excited to see ABI come to town and are rolling out the red carpet. 

See you there!